Registered Massage Therapy


Offering  therapeutic massage, prenatal/ postnatal massage, Thai massage, relaxation, Ashiatsu and deep tissue massage.

 Located 5 minutes west of Orangeville.

My three grown children would like you to believe that they taught me “everything “ I know. 

Clever children require staying one step ahead... always! My degree in Linguistics and Psychology has proven to be more useful than anticipated. I am willing to credit my children here for teaching me the real world value of my education.

Twenty some odd years ago I had my first taste of pregnancy, birth and newborn yumminess. LOVED it! Instead of having an infinite number of my own children, I chose to become involved as a doula, childbirth educator, midwifery second birth attendant and maternal health advocate. Ok, I also dabbled in assisting with the birth of lambs...hundreds of them.  Second point to my children.

What does a parent do when their children are involved in Pony Club, Modern Pentathlon, and Rugby? Well, they seek out as much training as possible in post concussion, related spinal injuries, sports massage and kinesio taping. Why have I also certified in Ashiatsu and Thai massage? I love what it has to offer for my clients and it is fun for me!

While in training to be a therapist I had the opportunity to work with clients affected by neurological conditions such as Parkinsons and Myasthenia Gravis as well as those living with the long term effects of HIV/AIDS diagnosis. The connectedness of our physical well being to our mental / emotional health I felt it important as well to obtain Reiki Level 1.  Not sure how my children will foray this into something they taught me but I am sure they will.

What do I do for fun? After watching so many Pentathlon competitions I decided to try it. My children laughed but were supportive. I still love the sport, while no longer participating in all the disciplines it did inspire me to continue in trail running and  Triathlon. When I am really in the exercise zone I enjoy high intensity interval training. Maybe this came from my children, with me somehow needing to recreate the heart rate spike that comes with the parenting adventure?

Thanks Kids!

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