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We offer several rental options to enhance your birth experience. 
​Doula clients of Birth n' Baby are offered the use of these items free of charge, with the exception of the birth pool liner which can be purchased on your own or from us at the cost of $45.00.ay something interesting about your business here.

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Many women find the use of a birth tub either during labour or for the birth itself, creates a soothing and more relaxing experience. 
Rental Includes : A La Bassine Birth Tub,  1 tub liner, a fill hose with tap adapters, drainage hose with pump, 1 debris net as well as a drop cloth to protect your floor.hat's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

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ENS Machines (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) can be used to relieve pain during labour whether your planning a home birth, a hospital birth and even to delay the use of an epidural.
Rental Includes:    TENS Machine, A personal set of TENS Pads, Back-up Batteries & Instructions for use.ive customers a reason to do business with you.